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Welcome to Champion Creative. Since you're here, you must be wondering what the fuss is about.

We are a multi-faceted creative studio based in Queenstown, serving the whole of New Zealand. Since being founded in 2019 by Joe Canham, we've been engaged in a number of areas, including film production, commercial film production and photography, fine art nature photography, and finally sustainability research.

You might think the name Champion is corporate speak for being the best shop in town. While that's aspirational, the name is actually a reference to our mission, which is to champion - to innovate and lead through the ways we do business, and how we allocate our resources. To learn more about our mission and values, check out The Champion Way.

Our logo, known as the 'clink', shows two coffee cups toasting (or cheers-ing) together in the spirit of friendship and spontaneity, while the unruly spillage represents perspectives shared through collaboration. In our work, the first meeting often happens at a cafe. What'll you have?

Since Champion Creative is a cross-industry company, we are split into 4 brands. Hit one below to learn more.

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