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Sustainability, Simplified

Kaitiakitanga (kai-tiaki-tanga) is a reo Māori term used to describe the guardianship and protection of our environment. From a Māori world view, we are in no way superior to the environment we live in - we are just a small part of it - meaning that if the earth isn't healthy, neither are we.

As Pākehā and Māori Kiwi (New Zealanders), we resonate with the values of kaitiakitanga. We live in a time of unprecedented urgency: no matter what you believe, it's simple to see that future generations will struggle to thrive like we have, unless we make big changes fast to reduce our damaging impact.

We are committed to utilising our skillset to try and drive change. The purpose of Champion Creative LABS is to empower individuals and businesses to make more informed decisions through access to information, therefore reducing their personal or business' impact on the environment.

We're just getting started. Hit a button below to access current LABS resources.

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