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Artwork of a Nation in Mourning

There's no arguing that yesterday was one of the darkest days in New Zealand's history. Like yesterday, today has been a day of disbelief, grief, anger and everything else in between for Kiwis. Artists in New Zealand and around the world have been expressing these feelings and several of their works have been widely shared online. This post is in recognition of the horrible events that took place yesterday in Christchurch and the moving works of art that are being shared in solidarity with those most affected.


Now is a time to pay respect to the victims of what is an act of terrorism, resulting from attitudes of racism, xenophobia and white supremacy. It is a time to remind ourselves that expression of these attitudes at any level is unacceptable, and a time to remember that it is each and everyone's responsibility to call out, reject and condemn such attitudes, even in the most casual circumstances. This is a time to take responsibility as a country for the things that need fixing and think about what we're going to do to move forward. We owe at least that to the victims of this horrible crime.



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